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PhD Student

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Hassan's primary research interests encompass fish biology and ecology, focusing on reproductive biology, life history, evolutionary biology, and the conservation of lampreys. His previous studies focused mainly on the reproductive biology and ecology of the Caspian lamprey. Currently, he is involved in the transcriptomic analysis of various tissues in the sea lamprey (Petromyzon marinus). This research aims to understand the differential expression of genes across different tissues and larval stages in sea lamprey, focusing on genes associated with sex determination, differentiation, and metamorphosis. The study analyzes both previously identified candidate genes within the sea lamprey genome and candidate genes that are known to be involved in gonadal development and metamorphosis in other vertebrates but have yet to be identified in the sea lamprey genome. The outcomes of Hassan's research will enhance our understanding of the life history aspects of the sea lamprey, which will have significant implications for managing and controlling this pest species in the Great Lakes basin. 
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