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Principal Investigator

Sara_Crawford Lake crop.jpg

Sara completed her BScH at the University of Toronto, a MSc in molecular population & conservation genetic at the national zoo in Washington DC with a Smithsonian fellowship and her PhD at Pennsylvania State University in the program of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics working in quantitative genetics and evolution of plant breeding systems, particularly genetically controlled self-incompatibility system. Since first becoming a faculty member 2002 at Acadia Univeristy, she continued work on the evolutionary genetics of plant breeding systems. Subsequently, after moving to the University of Winnipeg in 2008, she gradually shifted to working in fish and animal models, including work on the evolution and function of the insulin superfamily of genes and now primarily the genetic basis of sex determination and differentiation in lampreys. Through collaborative projects, she also now works on question relevant for human population genetics and epidemiology.

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